Support for Parents
The Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils of Saanich (COPACS) Advocacy Initiative was formed to support parents to help resolve problems their children are facing at school. Individual school Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) and COPACS can provide additional information and support. Parents may borrow the publication “Speaking Up! A Parent Guide to Advocating for Students in Public Schools” from COPACS or their school's PAC or Library. Parents may also contact members of the COPACS Advocacy Initiative for confidential support in problem solving processes. Brentwood Elementary PAC President: Mrs. Bonnie Doyle. Parents may also call BCCPAC (B. C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) at 1-800-351-9834. A provincial advocate will return your call.
Steps to follow if you have a concern:

STEP 1: Teacher -Try to solve the problem here. This is the person to check with on all matters pertaining to your child(ren)'s educational needs.

STEP 2: Principal -The Principal is the educational leader and will attempt to solve the problem at the school level.

STEP 3: Directors of Instruction - Diversity and Inclusion (Monica Braniff) and Learning and Innovation (Carly Hunter). They will attempt to facilitate a solution to the issue.

STEP 4: Superintendent of Schools - The Superintendent of Schools (Dave Eberwein) is the District's CEO and is available to assist in finding a resolution if the options outlined in the previous steps have not been successful.

STEP 5: Trustees - Contact the Trustee(s) in your zone by phone or write a letter to the Chair of the School Board.

STEP 6: Formal Appeal Procedure - If your concerns are still not addressed satisfactorily, you may formally appeal a decision according to the regulations outlined in the District's Appeal Policy (No. 1110). Request a copy from your school, your COPACS delegate, or the School Board Office. Policies are also available on the School District website;

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