Brentwood Elementary has developed an Emergency Plan in the event of a major earthquake. School staff members are assigned to “Emergency Response Teams.” Each Response Team has specific responsibilities. Once a year staff review and revise our Emergency Preparedness Plan and test out the effectiveness of the plan during a drill.

Our P.A.C. has recently purchased a large, outdoor bin which will house earthquake supplies including First Aid supplies, bottled water and light snacks.

In the event of an earthquake, or some other disaster, phones may not be in working order to call out or receive your call. Information will be broadcast over local radio stations as soon as possible. We ask that you make your way to the school as soon as possible. Once you are on the school grounds please report to one of our staff members who are monitoring student security in the Marshalling Area at the back of the school. Please do not attempt to remove your child directly as we need to keep track of all students at all times. We have planned for an organized way of signing students out to parents and/or guardians. We will be practicing our Emergency Preparedness Plan in September. We will be going over such items as:

•Teachers will talk with students about earthquake procedures
• Practice the “Drop, Cover & Hold On” routine
• Review evacuation routes
• What to do when not in a classroom (i.e. gymnasium)
• Procedures during breaks (i.e. recess)

Last modified: Friday, 14 December 2012, 2:47 PM