Brentwood Elementary PAC is a member of COPACS, whose mission is to involve parents/guardians at all levels of the Saanich School District. COPACS members believe that:

Parents/guardians are a valuable resource in education decision-making
Parent / guardian involvement in the child’s education is crucial to the child’s success
Parent / guardian participation is essential to the future of
public education.


The Saanich School District welcomes parent and community involvement in District schools. In order to provide guidance and assistance to schools, a representative committee developed a set of District guidelines, which include the following:

• The Parents Advisory Council of a school must be involved in the development and review of guidelines and procedures related to students and the relationships between parents and the school. The review of the guidelines and procedures should occur on a regular basis.

The Brentwood School PAC functions in an advisory capacity to promote effective home / school communication. The PAC works to provide a forum for discussion of school-related matters and encourages parents/guardians of Brentwood students to participate in educational activities and decision-making. The PAC also sponsors guest speakers on various topics of interest to parents and engages in fund raising activities to support students at Brentwood Elementary.
Parents/guardians of children registered at the school are automatically members of the PAC (see our PAC Constitution for a detailed description of PAC bylaws and regulations). The best way to find out what’s happening at the school and add your voice to conversations about our children’s education is to attend PAC meetings. Meetings are held last Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Be sure to drop in from time to time, even if you can only stay for a while. Preschoolers welcome! Minutes and agendas of PAC meetings are posted on the PAC web site at


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