As planning begins for the next school year (re: class configurations, student placement and assignment of teacher personnel) teaching staff, classroom support personnel, administration and other educational personnel, as required, shall make every effort to:

• Make use of all resources allocated to Brentwood School;
• Assign teaching / non-teaching staff as per their expertise,
experience and professional goals;
• Take into account the learning and social needs of individual
• Establish classrooms with the required instructional time.

Note: Under the School Act, the Administration is responsible for the final determination of the school’s organization.

The organization of the school is affected by the number of students and their particular learning needs, and current budget considerations which “drive” each school’s staffing allocation. Once the staffing is allocated, the administrators – in consultation with staff – determine the school organization for the coming school year. Other factors which influence school organization are:

• Special circumstances/groupings in the school;
• Current school district budgetary situation;
• Mandated class size limits;
• Adhere to district-directed placements.

Parent/guardian input is appreciated and will be considered when submitted in writing, to the administration, on the school-approved form. If you have serious concerns about your child’s placement, please also arrange to meet with the Principal.


School-based teams, comprised of classroom teachers, Learning Assistance Teacher, Integration Support Teachers, school-based administration and district staff (when appropriate) develop class lists taking into account a balance of students with various educational needs and strengths related, but not limited, to the following (not in order of importance):

• Academic learning needs
• Gender balance
• E.S.L./Cultural diversity
• Behavioral needs
• Medical challenges
• Intellectual strengths & learning needs
• Friendships/social/emotional needs.
• Opportunities to make new friendships

All student placements are tentative until mid-September. Increases or decreases in student enrollments can lead to significant changes in the school’s organization, class compositions, class configurations and teacher assignments. Therefore, information regarding class lists, student placement, classroom configurations and teacher assignments is CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be shared with the students or their families until confirmed by the school’s administration early September of new school year.
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