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Thursday, October 27th Update

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Thursday, October 27th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Thursday, 27 October 2016, 7:29 PM

A few things...

  • My apologies for the short notice about my absence.  I spent some time talking about having a new teacher for a little while with the kids today.  We pumped them up for Ms. Shawna Toews so they are excited to try some new songs and games and also to teach her how we do things here in K2!  Shawna can be reached at the school or emailed  I wish I could be here for all the Halloween excitement but, hopefully, I will be back sooner than predicted.  Thanks for all the well wishes I have received.
  • Big thanks to Emaliah's family for donating their Fairways contest prize to our class!  Emmy's dad, Randy, gave the closest guess for the weight of our 111lb pumpkin so we received the enormous pumpkin, some juice boxes and a crate of organic apples!  Our class made a thank you card for Emmy's family and one for Fairways.  If you are interested in delivering the card to Fairway with your child, please let Shawna know asap. It's so much cuter when a littlun can present it!
  • Remember Orange and Black Day is Monday!  Students are asked to wear black and orange clothes (optional) and keep those fragile Halloween costumes for the evening's fun!
  • There are several students who have not yet sent in permission forms for the Goethe Math field trip next week.  I will send a direct email with an extra copy attached to those families. Please return the forms asap.  Also, since students are taking a school bus, booster seats are not required.  
  • Way back in September, a parent offered to be our class rep and I'm not 100% sure who it was.  If it's you, could you please connect with Shawna and the PAC president, Michelle as soon as possible.  They will need your help soon.
  • Need an extra copy of the playdate contact list?  Check the window ledge just inside the classroom door.  This is where I often drop extra copies of things as well as lost and found items.
  • Sharing next week: Elizabeth (Monday), Emmy (Tuesday), Hunter (Wednesday), Karson (Thursday), Kya (Friday).
  • Looking ahead, please note there are early closure days coming up November 9th and 10th.  Students will be dismissed an hour early, at 1:48.  Also, there is Remembrance Day on November 11th and a Non-Instructional Day on November 14th.

Happy Halloween!