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Friday, June 3rd Update

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Friday, June 3rd Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 3 June 2016, 3:06 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • Final Field Trip coming up Monday, June 20th. This will be a year end celebration at Island View Beach with all the grade 2s from our class and Ms. Backhaus's. We will be asking for parent drivers so if you haven't already got your criminal record check, you will need to be quick. I hope many parents/families can join us. More details will be coming soon.

  • FUN DAY is Friday, June 24th! Families are welcome to join us for a day of fun activities. I'll be in the gym for Fireball! The PAC put on an everyone welcome lunch. On-line lunch ordering is available at until Monday, June 6th. They are also looking for volunteers to help out!

  • If you are interested in taking some SCRAPBOOKS home to glue together for us, please let me know. The end of school will be here before we know it!

  • Next Friday is our last day to borrow books from the school library. All school library books will be due back Thursday, June16th

  • Popcorn Day is next Wednesday, June 8th. $1

  • The Service Assembly recognizing volunteers and staff that are leaving Brentwood is June 22 at 12:30.

  • The Grade 5 Farewell is June 28th at 10am.

  • The Last Day of School is June 29th.

  • New Spelling this week! Please help your child return his/her homework book every Thursday. Being responsible for these books and the work in them is an important start to building positive homework habits for future years.

    PINK: (ar) jar, hard, march, yarn, (…ôr sound) earn, search, worth, worst, spur, pearl, sir, lurk (or) core, chore, score, thorn, hoarse, horse, warm, warn, worn, snore, bore, boar.

    YELLOW: (short i) pig, dish, rich, gift, flip, thin, swim, spill, (long i) kite, while, nice, nine, mice, drive, five, prize, hike (oddball) give

GREEN: Long and short e sound in which syllable (1st long) needle, season, feature, eastern, people, meaning, reader, freedom, (1st short) feather, pleasant, heavy, steady, leather, sweater, healthy, (2nd long) succeed, compete, extreme, increase, repeat*, defeat, fifteen, indeed, thirteen.

Have a great weekend!