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Spelling Corrections for this week's list!

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Spelling Corrections for this week's list!
by Tracey Westwood - Monday, 30 May 2016, 8:33 AM

My apologies for messing up the Spelling Lists last Friday.  I think I've got it this time.  Thanks Mr. Hulten for setting me straight!  smile

  • YELLOW: (short a) catmad, fast, hand, snap, last, grass, ask, sack, (long a) cake, make, same, came, page, face, name, rake, made(oddball) what.

  • PINK: (ur) turn, burn, hurt, churn, purr, curl, hurl, curb, church, burst, surf, blurt, (ure) sure, lure, pure, cure, (ur-e) curve, purse, nurse, curse, urge, (oddball) were

  • GREEN: Long u sound in which syllable (1st) rooster, scooter, toothache, doodle, noodle, cougar, Tuesday, beauty, fewer, chewy, jewel,  useful, (2nd) include, reduce, pollute, cartoon, cocoon, balloon, shampoo, raccoon, confuse, refuse, amuse, excuse, (oddball) none.