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Friday, May 27th Update

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Friday, May 27th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 27 May 2016, 3:10 PM

Last week of May!

New Spelling this week! This week our PINK group has graduated to the YELLOW skills book so they will have their pages printed on yellow paper. The original YELLOW group is still working through the YELLOW skills program but I will print it on pink paper just to make it easier to differentiate. So now the PINK group is YELLOW and the YELLOW group is PINK. It seems like an odd thing to do but everyone is still moving forward and it's good for everyone's ego!

  • YELLOW: (short a) mad, fast, hand, snap, last, grass, ask, sack, (long a) make, same, came, page, face, name, rake, made, (oddball) what.

  • PINK: (short a) cat, drag, crab, snap, crash, trap, brag, (ar sound) star, far, car, farm, jar, bark, art, card, yard, dark, shark, park, arm, part, are (oddball) war

  • GREEN: Long u sound in which syllable (1st) rooster, scooter, toothache, doodle, noodle, cougar, Tuesday, beauty, fewer, chewy, jewel,  useful, (2nd) include, reduce, pollute, cartoon, cocoon, balloon, shampoo, raccoon, confuse, refuse, amuse, excuse, (oddball) none.

Have a great weekend!