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Friday, May 20th Update

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Friday, May 20th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 20 May 2016, 3:02 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • Class photos went home last Wednesday. Please check those backpacks and let me know if you didn't get one!

  • Ask your child about the two field trips we went on this week, “The Lion King” at Sidney Elementary and The Victoria Bug Zoo. Check Seesaw for new photos.

  • Ask your child about the Science Venture P.A.W.S (Properties of Air, Water, and Soil) workshop we participated in last Monday.

  • This month, Brentwood has been celebrating “Aboriginal Month” with special activities on Wednesdays. Ask your child what he/she has learned about PowWow dancing.

  • No School this coming Victoria Day, Monday, May 23rd.

  • This coming Wednesday is Parent Appreciation Day. Swing by the school for a baked treat knowing that we appreciate all you do to support your child's (children's) learning here at school and at home! Thank you!

  • New Spelling this week! Please help your child return his/her homework book every Thursday. Being responsible for these books and the work in them is an important start to building positive homework habits for future years.

    PINK: (short a) cat, drag, crab, snap, crash, trap, brag, (ar sound) star, far, car, farm, jar, bark, art, card, yard, dark, shark, park, arm, part, are (oddball) war

    YELLOW: (or) form, horn, north, corn, fork, storm, (ore) more, store, shore, wore, sore, tore, (oar) board, roar, soar, oar, (w+or) work, word, world, worm, (oddball) four, floor, door.

GREEN: Long o sound in which syllable (1st) toaster, coaster, hostess, soldier, lonely, owner, lower, lonesome, loafer, postage, soapy, bowling, poster, (2nd) below, alone, explode, suppose, compose, decode, remote, approach, awoke, erode, (oddball) Europe.

Have a great long weekend!