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Friday, June 10th Update

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Friday, June 10th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 10 June 2016, 3:11 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • HUGE THANKS to Daphne MacDonald for putting scrapbooks together for us! There will be a few more things to put in a little later if you are willing but she has done the lion's share!

  • This coming Monday, June 13th, we will be painting with acrylic paint. As this is sometimes difficult to get out of fabrics, please dress your child in older clothes or send a painting smock (or both).

  • The permission form for our Year End Celebration at Island View Beach should have come home this week. All the grade 2s from our class and Ms. Backhaus's will be meeting at Island View Beach on Monday, June 20th. We need parent drivers so if you haven't already got your criminal record check, you will need to be quick. If we don't get enough drivers, we will be in a pickle. I hope many parents/families can join us. Please return the form as soon as possible.

  • FUN DAY is Friday, June 24th! Families are welcome to join us for a day of fun activities and/or picnic lunch outside on the field.

  • All school library books will be due back this Thursday, June16th

  • The Service Assembly recognizing volunteers and staff that are leaving Brentwood is June 22 at 12:30.

  • The Grade 5 Farewell is June 28th at 10am.

  • The Last Day of School is June 29th.

  • Last Spelling this week!

    PINK: (long o) whole, choke, stole, loan, cloak, bowl, (oi) point, noise, join, foil, boil, coin, choice, coil, moist, broil, oil, soil, spoil, joint, voice, (oy) boy, soy, toy, joy.

    YELLOW: (short o) sock, rock, job, hot, spot, chop, (long o) bone, joke, stove, hope, home, woke, nose, those, hose, hole, broke, (oddball) some, come

GREEN: Which syllable oy/oi and ou/ow (1st ) voyage, loyal, moisture, noisy, poison, country, double, trouble, southern, county, counter, thousand, drowsy, coward, powder, (2nd) destroy, annoy, employ, avoid, appoint, about, amount, around, allow.

Have a great weekend!