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Friday, April 29th Update

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Friday, April 29th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 29 April 2016, 3:19 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • Next week, I will be sending home Field Trip permission forms for 3 different field trips. Please sign and return these forms as soon as possible.

  • The warm weather is here and with it come Flip Flops. Flip Flops are great for the beach and leisurely strolls but not great for racing around on the playground or gym. If your child must wear Flip Flops to school, please make sure he/she has proper runners here for gym time.

  • I would like to remind you to check your child's Seesaw posts. We have added a few bits recently and they love to see your comments!

  • Next Thursday, May 5th is the final dress rehearsal for Brentwood's Talent Show. If your child is participating, please make sure he/she has everything needed at school on Thursday. The performance is scheduled for 1:45 on Friday, May 6th.

  • New Spelling this week! Please help your child return his/her homework book every Thursday. Being responsible for these books and the work in them is an important start to building positive homework habits for future years.

    PINK: can be sorted two ways – Final (nt) ant, plant, want, went, spent, print, hunt, (nd) and, stand, hand, land, send, blend, wind, (nk) bank, blank, thank, pink, wink, stink, drink, think, junk, trunk.

    YELLOW: (er) her, herd, fern, clerk, perch, germ, term, (ear) hear, spear, near, clear, dear, fear, year, (eer) deer, cheer, steer, peer, (ear=ur) heard, learn, earth, (oddball) there, here.

GREEN: Long a sound in which syllable (1st) rainbow, mayor, maybe, bracelet, payment, painter, raisin, crayon, basement, pavement, (2nd) awake, contain, complain, escape, explain, obey, decay, today, parade, amaze, remain, (oddball) chocolate, again.

Have a great weekend!