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Thursday, May 15th Update

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Thursday, May 15th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Thursday, 14 May 2015, 2:06 PM

A few bits for the week...

  •  Thank you to Mr. Lawrence Bartleman for a fun afternoon of lacrosse yesterday!  
  • I won't be at school tomorrow.  There will be a Teacher-On-Call in with the class.
  • Ask your child about today's Egg-Drop.  It was a lot of fun!  We grouped up with Mrs. Scott's class to see if any groups could successfully save an egg dropped from about 15 feet.
  • Weather projects are due Tuesday.  Most children are working with a partner so I will give some time on Tuesday for finishing touches.
  • Parent Appreciation Day is this coming Wednesday!  Make sure you stop in for a muffin or cookie.  Please know how much we really do appreciate your support both at home and at school!
  • Science Venture is coming next Thursday!
  • No school Monday, Victoria Day!  This means no Spelling next week.