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Friday, February 13th Update

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Friday, February 13th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 13 February 2015, 4:14 PM
A few bits for the week...
  • We have a new young man in our class.  We are happy to welcome Jaidyn!
  • Your child has chosen a topic for his/her Inquiry Project and started collecting facts using internet and text resources at school.  If your child has not finalized his/her inquiry question, he/she can continue to collect the broad information that he/she will need. While time will be provided at school, it is likely he/she will need to continue research at home.  I am attaching the calendar that the students and I worked out together in order to complete a quality project for our museum by the end of February.  I hope you are able to support your child with access to a computer, supervision on the internet, visits to people he/she may want to interview, and possibly a trip to the public library.
  • I hope you haven't been missing the spelling homework too much.  We will resume our spelling program when the Inquiry Project ceases to be a homework item.
  • Blue permission forms for our February 23rd field trip to the Symphony went home Wednesday.  If you have not yet done so, please sign and return it as soon as possible.
  • Fun Lunch forms also came home this week.
  • Most of the class has now completed the FSA tests.  Students who missed out will make them up next  Monday.
  • Next Friday, February 20th is a Non-Instructional Day.

Have a great weekend!