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Friday May 16th Update

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Friday May 16th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 16 May 2014, 3:26 PM

What a fun week!  Camp and Grade 4 Challenge Days appear to have been a success!  I hope your child brought you some happy stories. Back to work next week...

  • There are two retests available next Thursday, the Long Division Test and the Capital & Province Test.  There are very few students required to take the retest and parents of these students will receive a separate email.  For the rest, retests are optional.  Test results were written in agendas last Tuesday so you can have a look and make that decision together with your child.  If, for some reason, your child's score was not written in the agenda (he/she did not give it to me to sign), email me and I can send it to you.
  • Inquiry projects are due before May 30th.  Some students have finished their presentations already.  Please check with your child on whether he/she is progressing at pace and possibly needs to come to homework club for extra computer time. 
  • No Monday, no Spelling.
  • Mrs. Brown would like to let you know that the clay projects will be ready to paint on Monday, May 26th.  Please have students wear grubby clothes or bring a painting shirt. Also, we have the basic colours but students who would like to add a special colour or a touch of metallic can purchase acrylic crafter's paints at numerous locations including dollar stores, Michael's and Walmart.  This is OPTIONAL and students who choose to bring their own paint are encouraged to label their paints with their names.

Have a great weekend!