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Friday, May 23rd Update

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Friday, May 23rd Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 23 May 2014, 3:18 PM

Hello people,

It's difficult to say what next week will look like as we are waiting word on what the Lockout will actually entail.  The scheduled events starred (*) below may or may not be affected.  We know that the school will be behind picket lines on Tuesday so I will not see your children until Wednesday. 

  • Mrs. Brown will be here Monday so there will be spelling next week.
  • Clay projects did not get fired this week due to illness.  Paints and shirts will not be needed this coming Monday but rather, the following Monday, June 2nd.
  • Grade 5 parents, please remember that Bayside parent night is scheduled* for next Thursday.
  • Grade 5 teachers are scheduled* to go to Bayside next Wednesday to have our input into next year's classes. If you have any placement requests, you need to get them in before then.
  • Ask your child what he/she did with Science Venture today.  It was an engaging afternoon!

Have a good weekend!