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Friday, May 9th Update

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Friday, May 9th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 9 May 2014, 7:13 PM

An exciting week coming up...

  • Please check your child's agenda this weekend.  There were several students who took this week's unfinished class work for homework.  Now they won't be bored on the Pro -D day on Monday!  ;)
  • Grade 5s will be heading to Bayside for a tour on Tuesday morning.  They will be walking from Brentwood with Miss Norris.  I will remain at Brentwood with the grade 4s from our class and a portion of Miss Norris's grade 4s. 
  • In the plan for Wednesday, I will be heading to camp with the grade 5s and leave our grade 4's with Mrs. Brown. I will spend Wednesday night at camp and return to school Thursday morning.  For Thursday and Friday, we have planned some leadership and team building activities for the grade 4s. Please ensure your child is dressed for athletic activities inside and outside regardless of the weather, including fitted running shoes.
  • To all the moms out there, have a Super Mother's Day!
Happy Friday!