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Friday, January 31 Update

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Friday, January 31 Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 31 January 2014, 5:06 PM

This week's bit...

  • In Spelling this week, we discovered that some students were asked to repeat some words they had had previously.  Upon further inspection, it appears this is an intentional piece of the Words Their Way Program which seeks to build mastery with various spelling concepts.  In other words, if you notice your child is doing words they've had before, don't be alarmed.  We meant to do that.  smile
  • Perhaps your child has mentioned Book club to you.  There are two book clubs your child may be involved in.  One is Red Cedar; it is a voluntary club operated by Miss Miller in the library and is for students who enjoy a challenging read and want to take part in choosing this year's Red Cedar Award winner.  The other book club is for our Novel Study.  Our students have broken up into groups doing the same book at a similar pace and on Friday, they group together to discuss their answers and possibly share a snack.  This book club is mandatory but the snacks are not.  I've noticed some fancy snacks coming in and I want to be clear that students are in no way obligated to bring anything so please don't believe your child when he/she says "I have to bring..."  smile
  • Eat Well Get Moving starts up again this coming week. Students are asked to record their fruit, veggie and exercise choices each day.  It's a great opportunity to encourage your child to make healthy choices from now until April and hopefully onward.  Brentwood is hoping to win the challenge for the 6th year in a row!
  • I want to draw your attention to Safe K.I.D.S. This is a great program and my own three children attended it annually when they were at Brentwood! The PAC is bringing Darren Laur back to our school for two nights.   Thursday, February 13th and Wednesday, February 19th, it will run from 6:30 until 8pm each night. The registration cost for each child is $10. A sign-up sheet for these dates will be available on the PAC board in the school foyer beginning February 3rd.  Spots are limited (each night will only accommodate 15 students).  ***Please note: Parent(s) must attend with child(ren). 

Have a great weekend!