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Couple extras Monday September 20th

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Couple extras Monday September 20th
by Tracey Westwood - Monday, 20 September 2021, 3:58 PM

Whoops... There are a couple things I forgot to mention!

  • Sharing (aka Show and Tell) starts this week. Each day, one child will bring ONE item to show and talk about with the class. Take a few minutes to help your child choose an item. It can be anything, a toy, musical instrument, photo, etc. The idea is to get them talking in front of the group. Maybe talk together about what they might say about it. If your child wants to show a digital photo/short video, email it to me at If your child is absent on their day, have them bring it their first day back. This week, Tuesday is Anders, Wednesday is Astri, Thursday is Ayaka , and Friday is Bentley. 
  • Wednesday is our Terry Fox Run. Kindergarten will be running a short course within the school grounds. If you wish, send a Toonie for Terry.