Mrs. Brown and Ms. Westmacott

Week of January 11-15

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Week of January 11-15
by Lorree Brown - Monday, 11 January 2021, 10:07 AM

Hello Families. 

Below are the events and reminders for the week. If you have any questions, please email us.   

Math:  With Mrs. Brown, we will continue to add large numbers.  Last week students began to work independently on various levels of addition questions.  Students have been encouraged to challenge themselves with the questions they choose. With Ms. Westmacott, we will be finishing up measuring and calculating perimeter on our pixel name designs. 

Writing: This is our last week to complete our persuasive writing.  Students are working on final good copies of their writing. 

Reading: This week will be reading, Number the Stars and completing a variety of reading response activities with each chapter. 

Science  In science we will be doing some hands-on activities to help us understand the circulatory system, as well as continuing our exploration of some of the concepts of simple machines for our upcoming cardboard arcade display.

Social Studies:  In social studies we will continue learning about the numbered treaties with First Peoples.

Physical Education: This week we will start with a fitness circuit and then we will continue with basketball skills. 

Art: We will continue creating with clay this week. Last week students made clay donuts to go with their persuasive writing pieces.  They also made snowman wall hangings.  This week they will be making elephant ornaments. 


Cardboard Arcade: Soon students will be participating in creating a cardboard arcade game for our cardboard arcade.  Please start saving cardboard for this project.  Do not send the saved cardboard to school yet.  You will receive an email with detailed instructions about when and where to bring the cardboard.  

Non Instructional Day

Our next Non Instructional Day is February 12th 2021

Families on Property- Ensuring the well-being of our school community is our number one priority. We are noticing that there is some congestion occurring on all sides of the school. This is a reminder that families should drop off/pick up children at the edges of the school property. We also remind you that mask usage is a protective measure where it is not possible to maintain physical distance. This would be the case for adults at all times on our property and is in alignment with our staff's health and safety plan. Thank you for working together with us to help keep our school healthy.

Please contact out Principal, Sara Salemink, at if you have questions. We are all in this together.

INDOOR SHOES:  As the weather turns, we ask you to send a pair of indoor shoes with your child.  It is preferable to have the shoes stay in the classroom but it is also okay to have them in the backpack if they need to go back and forth between school and home.