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Last bits for the 2019 to 2020 school year!

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Last bits for the 2019 to 2020 school year!
by Tracey Westwood - Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 5:32 PM

Last bits for the year!

  • Thank you all for entrusting me with your children this year. It has been a crazy year without a doubt and I certainly missed them these past weeks, but in the time we had, they proved they are eager and able little learners. I hope you can include some classmates in their bubble this summer. I can’t wait to see what September has in store!

  • This year, more than ever, it will be important to keep up with storytime, math games, and writing practice. Talk with your child about the world around them. Give them opportunities to exercise those little finger motions by writing, colouring, playing with playdough, and building with Lego. Find a way to get them into at least an hour of exercise every day. The Home Learning Plan will be available all summer so please go back in and try some of the things you missed.

  • Don’t forget to check out your child’s FreshGrade portfolio and the Google photos I sent you the link for last week.

Have a great summer!