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Week of June 10-14

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Week of June 10-14
by Lorree Brown - Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 4:02 PM

Hello families.  We had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday with our buddies.  We were very lucky with the weather and the children had fun.  This week we continue to work on various projects.  We also have our district track meet on Thursday.  Division 13 has 20 students attending...very impressive!  Below are the events and reminders for the week.  Please take special note of the link to sign up for a picnic potluck item for our grade 5 farewell beach day. 

Next week:

Math With Mrs. Brown, students began the final unit on fractions.  This week we learn what a numerator and denominator is and we learn how to identify fractions.  

Design Thinking - We are going to look at the process of design thinking. We will begin our designs in groups of 2-3 for an egg drop challenge.

Writing: We are finally at the last stage of our Women in History projects.  Students will be presenting their writing this week by reading their essays to the class and by presenting a Chatterpix. 

Reading:  This week we continue practising Readers Theater. Students chose one out of four stories to perform in a group. 

Socials Studies -This week we will continue to compare the residential school experience with our current school experience, as well as discuss steps to move toward reconciliation in our relationship with Indigenous Canadians. 

Science: We will continue with the maturation unit of body science with both Ms. Brown and Ms. Rickson

Buddy Beach Day! We are at the beach with our buddies.

Physical EducationWe continue  working on our track unit, practising the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and relay. While some kids are using the track, others play a large game of capture the flag.


Tuesday, June 11th - 

Thursday, June 13th - Track Meet:  If your child plans to attend, they will need a ride to and from the UVic stadium.  Please make sure they have a ride both ways. Here are the reminders I sent home this week in an email:

  • Arrive at the track by 9:20 a.m. All parents/guardians must be at the track no later than 2:30 for pick up. We anticipate the meet to end at 2:15, but it's always hard to predict.
  • I was at UVic last week and realized there is NO water refill station at the track anymore as indicated in the letter sent home. Please be sure students/parents are aware of this and bring enough water. 
  • Even on a hot day the track can be cold. Bring layers!
  • When students arrive they need to sign in with a supervising adult from Brentwood in the grand stands. They will then be given a pinnie which they return when they sign out. 
  • An adult MUST come to the stands to sign children out with a Brentwood supervisor before they leave
  • Students are expected to remain in the grand stands unless they are running an event. They do not go down to the track otherwise and never cross the grass area in the middle of the track. An adult will walk them to their events so this shouldn't be an issue. After they have run their event they return to the stands.
  • bring sunscreen, a hat, water, lunch, snacks, proper running shoes, a warm layer of clothing, doodle book or something to read but NO electronics or valuables
  • Ribbons go missing all the time. Tell the kids to put their ribbons in a safe place in their backpacks so they don't get lost.
  • Parking is always an issue. You can purchase tickets online or use one of the pay stations further from the stadium then park closer.
  • and finally but most importantly, students are expected to follow our Brentwood Beliefs at all times while at UVic. 

Thursday, June 20th - Service Assembly 10:00am in the gym

Friday, June 21st -National Indigenous Day activities in the morning

                                                             - Eagle Convocations (Please remind your child to wear their eagle shirt.)

                              - Grade 4/5 Swim in the afternoon 

Tuesday, June 25th - Grade 5 Farewell Ceremony 10:00 am in the gym.  Potluck picnic to follow at Island View Beach for all grade 4/5 students.  We sent permission forms home on Monday and below is the link to sign up for potluck items.

Wednesday, June 26th - Fun Day:  Forms to order fun lunch came home last week.  

Wednesday, June 26th - Grade 5s verses Teachers Dodgeball

Thursday, June 27th - Parent Appreciation Pancake Breakfast (Come for a delicious breakfast.  Remember to bring your own plates and cutlery please.) This is also our last day of school. If you plan to take your child home after the breakfast, please let me know ahead of time so I can have their report card and gift read