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Friday, Nov. 17 Weekly Update

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Friday, Nov. 17 Weekly Update
by Jeni-Lynn Blackie - Friday, 17 November 2017, 10:11 PM

Hello everyone,

We had a great parent reading this morning! It was so nice to see the children enjoying being read to and I know they are excited for future reading days. Having said that, we will not be in school next Friday, November 24 but we will continue the Friday morning reading on Dec 1. (Hard to believe that is the following Friday's date!) 

Sharing: What great patterns your child shared! It was fun to see the variety and great for the children to see how patterns surround us.

 Next week : Favourite Toy... they are allowed to bring in their favourite toy. Please have them write out 3 clues so we can guess what it may be.  Example:  Toy car   Clues:  1) it can move   2) it has 4 wheels  3) it can carry people

Plus discuss with them why it is their favourite toy or why they chose to share it as we will discuss this too.  

 (Friday sharers can choose another day during the week)

Parent Volunteers:  If you signed up or want to sign up for the class portfolios, please see me next week. We have some displays that I need down which need to be filed then the books can started. I can book the kitchen for layout space if I know when people are gathering. I really appreciate the support for this project.  

New Role Play Center: The children wanted to change our House to a Pet Store/Vet Hospital. So, I am gathering items they want but if you have any items that would suit this center and you don't mind the children using it, please send it in with your child next week. We are going to start it Monday. It will be a work in progress center as I want the children to be involved in making it how they want it.  Suggested items:  paper towel rolls, paper egg cartons, stuffed animals, small cardboard boxes (we will build animals cages), tubs, baskets, bowls, plastic recycled containers, old white adult shirts, small towels, blankets, old pillow cases...whatever your child thinks we should include will be fine. I did say we are not having LIVE ANIMALS when they came up  with that idea...ha ha. I am looking forward to making the center with them. 

Calendar Reminders:

November 24 is a Non-instructional day so no school for students

November 29 is Popcorn day - please see the PAC website to order

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Jeni-Lynn Blackie