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Friday, October 27 Weekly Update

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Friday, October 27 Weekly Update
by Jeni-Lynn Blackie - Friday, 27 October 2017, 10:32 PM

Hello everyone,

It was great to see so many kids at the Halloween Dance tonight! Great costumes and fabulous dance moves.  I hope you all had fun!

We had a busy week with the field trip, assembly, pumpkin investigation/painting and baking cupcakes! I apologize, I didn't send home the K News but will send it on Monday so you can talk with your child about it. 

Thank you for remembering to bring in the literacy folders and library books. I put in new poems, songs which the children seemed to like, especially Boo! We read it to our Buddies today and your child snuck behind their buddy to say, "Boo"!

Here are some things that we will coming up:

Tuesday, October 31st is Halloween.  The school has a Halloween Parade in the afternoon which gives your child a chance to see all the children's is lots of fun! In Kindergarten the children are allowed to wear costumes.  Please note that at recess playing on the playground can be "hard" on the costumes, even tear them if they are fragile.  If you are worried about this for the Halloween Trick or Treating, please have your child wear an older costume, or orange and black. Please leave accessories at home so they won't get lost or forgotten at school.

Sharing: Last week, the children did an amazing job sharing their favourite number from one to ten.  This week our sharing is oral...they can share about their Halloween costume, their trick or treating or what they got trick or treating...their choice.

Squirrel Fieldtrip to Francis King Park Friday, November 10 - We will be taking a bus to Francis/King Park. I will need 4 parents to help chaperone students at the park. We will be split up into two groups. I will be sending home permission forms and volunteer slips on Monday. Plus, I was wondering if someone who volunteers would like to take photos? Just let me know. (You don't have to take the bus, you can meet us in there. I need a minimum of 1 volunteer for the bus.

Calendar Reminders:

- Photo Retakes are Wednesday, November 8th.  Please let me know if you want retakes so I can make sure your child doesn't miss the call.
- Parent/teacher conferences are coming up November 8th and 9th.  Many parents have used the link in my previous email, thank you. If you have not had a chance to do so, here is the link again.
If you are having difficulty signing up, please email me one of the available times and I will slot you in. I look forward to meeting with you about your child.  Children will be dismissed from the class at 1:40 pm on these days.
-November 17 and onwards-  Parent Reading on Friday mornings from 8:40 to 9:00.  We will begin our parent reading on Friday mornings.  Please come into the class with your child (if you are able) and read some stories from their book box or classroom books. If you are unable to come in, many parents often read to other children as well as their own and Mrs. Garnham or myself will read with the kids too. If you have an older sibling, I can check with their teacher to see if it is okay for them to join us. Just let me know if you want me to do this.
-November 15 - Fun Lunch
-November 22 - Popcorn Day
-November 24 - NID- Non Instructional Day - No School for  the Children
 I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have fun carving the pumpkins donated from the Sluggett family!
Mrs. Blackie