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Friday, October 9th Update

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Friday, October 9th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 9 October 2015, 5:20 PM

Here are a few bits for the week ...

  • In Science, we are studying soil, water and air. I am asking the children to bring some soil from home. We're hoping for a good variety so if you have any sandy, fully decomposed compost or clay type soils that would be excellent. About the amount that would fill a sandwich bag would be enough. We hope to begin our examination next Friday. Thanks for your help.

  • We have been having a few issues with Pokemon Cards at school. I have told the children that Pokemon cards must not be out during class time. They can take them out during the recess breaks but they are far too distracting at other times. I have been confiscating cards that come out during class time and returning them at the next break but as the problem still persists, I will now confiscate cards and only return them at the end of the day. In addition, there have been a few incidents of “bad trades” and cards going missing. Please talk to your child about Pokemon cards at school; respect the rules, deal honestly, and keep their most valued ones at home.

  • There will be a change to the Spelling routine next week. New lists will be initiated on Fridays and tests will be on Thursdays. This will give students an extra few days to work on practising the lists at home as well as at school.  This week's tests will come home Tuesday.

  • Thank you for your Scholastic Book Orders. Usually, forms come home the second week of the month and are due back a week from the following Friday.

  • Brentwood School wants to do its part to encourage a Waste Free Lunch. We know that some children are more challenging to feed than others so we won't be scoring or penalizing children on how successful they are with this venture. That said, we are hoping families will make an effort to say no to lunch choices that have excessive packaging and make use of reusable containers. Compost bins will continue to be available at school but packaging materials will be sent home. We've taught the children a lot about recycling here at Brentwood so this is the next logical step for the environment. Let your child teach you what they know about recycling at home.

  • Looking back at previous posts, I can see that I failed to mention that our Library Book Exchange day is Thursday. Please remind your child to return his/her books on or before this day each week.

  • Popcorn Day is next Wednesday, October 14th. Popcorn is $1 per bag and children are discouraged from purchasing more than one bag. Children are not permitted to purchase popcorn for other students. Order forms are available at school if you prefer to order for the entire year.

  • Next Thursday, October 15th, Brentwood School will be participating in the Great Canadian Shake Out. If you have not yet discussed an evacuation and meeting place plan for your home, now would be a good time. Remember, DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON.

  • Some of you may have noticed the Red Wall file by our entrance door. This is where we put any extra handouts, order forms, etc. Feel free to pop in if you think you're missing something. (That's where you'll find the extra popcorn order forms.)

  • Thanksgiving is this coming Monday so no school in session.

Enjoy your long weekend!