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Friday, January 16th Update

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Friday, January 16th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 16 January 2015, 3:46 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • I notice that quite a few of the children are still recording less than 3 sessions of Reflex Math per week!  At least 2 green light sessions are expected every week as part of your child's homework.  Bayside teachers have commented on the huge impact that multiplication fact fluency has on student success in middle school math.  Ben and Ryland are maintaining 100% fluency and your child could be too so get on his or her case and get that practise in!
  • Spelling scores will come home Monday.  I didn't have a chance to mark them today as we had to shuffle our day around so we could play our game!
  • Today, we had our first round of Settlers of Canada!  Some of the intermediate teachers got together to adapt our giant game based on the game Settlers of Catan.  Teams representing the British, French, and four indigenous groups collect and trade resources in order to expand their settlements in Canada.  Obviously, there is some historical inaccuracy but the children will have a good time learning about the ins and outs of trade, power, influence, cooperation, competition, and maybe a little empathy!
  • Math Morning is next Wednesday, January 21st!  Parents are invited to join us for some math fun. Children are permitted to go to the classroom of a sibling as long as they check in with me first and are in the company of a parent.
  • Literacy Day is coming Tuesday, February 3rd!  Students are invited to come to school dressed as one of their favourite literacy characters!
  • Students came home with a white envelope with a letter from the Saanich Teachers Association regarding the impending Fundamental Skills Assessment (FSAs).  You should find the letter tucked into the front pocket of your child's agenda.

Have a great weekend!