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Friday, November 15th Update

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Friday, November 15th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 15 November 2013, 3:33 PM

It's been yet another quick week. 

  • Time for a chat - As we all fight against these nasty sore throats we're taking turns with, it's a good time to talk about washing hands, eating well and getting enough sleep.  And as long as you're talking, personal hygene came up in class this week.  Some of the children have noticed that their peers have acquired "a certain odour".  I have suggested that everyone talk to his/her parents about whether or not he/she should be showering more frequently and/or starting to use deodorant. 
  • Novel Study is underway.  The children seem excited to be reading a book of their choice.  They have started a Reading Journal where they record some plot points and personal thoughts for each chapter. Some children have chosen a longer book than is required so we discussed how challenging it will be to finish their selection by Christmas.  Some have decided to change while others have decided to "do" a chapter each day, even on weekends. Please let me know if this causes too much stress at home.
  • Skating Field Trip- We have organized a skating trip to Panorama Rec Centre with our Little Buddies for November 27 from 12:30 to 2:30.  Forms will come home next week.  We will be looking for parent drivers so please consider helping out.
  • Poinsettia Orders - The poinsettia order ended today. Thank you for your orders! 
  • Winter Concert - As most ot you know, the children have been working on some songs for our Winter Concert.  The concert is on two nights , December 11th & 12th.  Our class perfomance is on December 11th at 6:30pm.  Children should be in class by 6:20pm.


    Performing December 11

    Performing December 12

    Ms. Drew and Mrs. Jagt

    Mrs. Backhaus and Mrs. Hrynyk-Forman/Cunningham

    Mrs. Marchand and Mrs. Westwood

    Ms. Scott and Ms. Norris

    Mrs. Gladwin and Mrs. Barnes

    Mrs. Gregory/Ogden and Mrs. MacGregor

    Mrs. Sinclair Wise and Mrs. Mah

     Have a great weekend!