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Friday, June 24th Update

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Friday, June 24th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 24 June 2022, 6:37 PM

A few bits for our final week...

  • KINDERGRAD is this coming Tuesday at 2:00 in our classroom. Everyone welcome.
  • Ask your child about Fun Day. It was great to see all the families who were able to join us in the sun!
  • Wednesday, June 29th is the last day of Kindergarten! When you think about how fast the year flew by, you realize how soon the littles aren't so little anymore. Treasure this time. 
  • Wednesday is also Family Appreciation Pancake Breakfast.  Bring plates, utensils and a picnic blanket.  Students check in for attendance and a stamp. Starts at 8:15. After Pancake Breakfast, it is usually about clean up and free play time. We've discovered that many people take their children and leave right after breakfast. If that's your plan, please let me know before you disappear.  
  • No sharing next week. Thank you for supporting your child in sharing some pretty cool things. It was always a highlight for the class.
Enjoy this hot and sunny weekend!