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Friday, April 23rd Update

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Friday, April 23rd Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 23 April 2021, 4:47 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • Thank you to everyone who sent nest building materials in this week. We had to push our actual activity into next week, so if you see something good to add, feel free to send it along.
  • There are still some who haven't sent an address for our postcards. If you're chatting with other parents, please mention it in case they missed last week's post.
  • Ask your child about the virtual visitors they had from the U.K. this Wednesday! Anyone else want to tell us a story?
  • Eagle convocation is next Friday, the 30th so wearing an eagle shirt is encouraged.
  • On sunny days, please apply sunscreen at home last thing in the morning and avoid sending sunscreen to school. If you do feel the need to send sunscreen, please do not send sprays and do remind your child not to share their lotions. Did you know sunscreens are classified as drugs in Canada? Just found that out.
  • With the warmer weather, please ensure your child brings a water bottle to class each day. Many children are asking to borrow from the school's collection and there are not enough to meet the demand.
  • Stelly's is organizing their annual drop off food drive. They will be using our parking lot after school on May 5. They have offered to extend a prize to the class who collects the most food items-- a free trip to the climbing wall! If you wish to¬† participate, please send along non-perishable, not-yet-expired food items to class up until the 5th.
  • Sharing next week is Addie on Monday, Anson on Tuesday, Arianna on Wednesday, Ben on Thursday, and Bianca on Friday.

Have a great weekend!