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Friday, January 10th, 2020

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Friday, January 10th, 2020
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 10 January 2020, 3:59 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • Family Read-In will be Fridays from 8:40 - 9:00 starting next week, Friday the 17th.  Thank you to those who responded to the survey.  Please join us if you can but we understand if you can't.  If you are unable to come, please have a quick word with your little one so there are no tears on Friday.  Please feel free to send Great Granny Gerta, old cousin Mavin, or sweet Uncle Norm.
  • Eagle convocation is next Friday, the 17th.  Please try to remember to dress your child in the eagle t-shirt or their eagle family colour.
  • Our school's teacher-librarian, Miss Carmen DiLucca has returned to Brentwood from a year long leave.  She will be interacting with the class every week so you may hear her name.
  • Brentwood's Winter Concert is scheduled for January 23rd.  There will be one day time show at 12:30 and one evening show at 6:00.  Please have your child present for both shows.  Ms. Chater has asked our class to wear any outfit they like along with a pair of mittens or gloves.  Please send labelled mittens or gloves to school before the 21st so we have them for final dress rehearsal.  If you do not have these items, please let me know and we will search some out.
  • Special helper/sharing next week is STIWETON on Monday, Wyatt on Tuesday, Avery on Wednesday, Blake on Thursday, and Grant on Friday.

Have a good weekend!