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Friday, March 1st Update

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Friday, March 1st Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 1 March 2019, 6:13 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • Way Cool Raccoon School Field trip notices went home this week.  Sorry this one was a bit late coming considering I'm asking for parent drivers again.  Fingers crossed we get enough. Here are the forms.
  • The grade 4s and 5s held a Simple Machines Cardboard Arcade at school this week so if you noticed your child came home with some little prizes, that's why.  Ask your child about the games s/he saw.
  • Pro D Day next Monday, March 4th.  I'll be at Sidney School learning how to do term three reports on Freshgrade.
  • Speaking of Freshgrade, I just posted a bunch of new stuff in time for second term reporting.  Please have a look this weekend and leave a comment for your child or me.
  • Next Wednesday, March 6th and Thursday, March 7th are early dismissal days.  Children will be dismissed an hour early at 1:48.  
  • As Eagle Convocation was cancelled this week, we'll be taking another crack at it next Wednesday, March 6th so try to remember those eagle shirts, please.
  • On Thursday the 7th, from 2:00 - 6:00, we will have our classroom open house.  Drop in and celebrate learning by having your child show you some of their work and talk about what they are most proud of. If you can't make this window, let me know and we'll happily arrange another time.  If the classroom is very busy right at 2:00, you might want to go for a short walk or snack and return later so you can have a more peaceful tour.  
  • On Wednesday, March 13th, we will have a short, unpolished performance starting at 2:00. The children would like to share a few songs from our morning routine and one of our favourite "plays" (twice to accommodate two groups of children).  Everyone welcome but we will be performing in our classroom so space could potentially be tight.  
  • Sharing next week will be Finn on Tuesday, Jack on Wednesday, Lauren on Thursday, and Lucas on Friday.

Have a great weekend!