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Thursday, Nov 22 Weekly Update

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Thursday, Nov 22 Weekly Update
by Jeni-Lynn Blackie - Thursday, 22 November 2018, 8:01 PM

Hello everyone,

 We had a great time wearing our new t-shirts with our Eagle family! We all coloured feathers and these will eventually be displayed in the front entry for families to look at.  Once again, PAC donated the t-shirts for the students and staff to wear for our Eagle Convocation days but your child can wear them when they like. We have a very generous PAC!

Monday is a school wide P.J. Day. It is optional  - you know I will be wearing them!  It is also popcorn day on Monday so if you did not order online, please remember to send a loonie Monday morning for your child to have popcorn. 

Sharing: The children did a super job at sorting their objects and sharing their rules. Sometimes, the objects could be sorted by more than one rule and they found it! Great sharing by all!  Next week I asked the children to bring in 1 Favourite Toy. Please help them to know the first letter it starts with, who gave it to them, and/or where they got it from plus why it is one of their favourites.  Thanks for your continued support.

Letters/Sounds-we have covered all the letters in the alphabet and many of their sounds. I will continue to review them as well as begin to introduce diagraphs- these are two letters that make one sound.  Next week I will introduce - sh, ai - songs/actions accompany these too and I will put it in your child's literacy book  sight words: she/he

PORTFOLIO Gluing Volunteers needed - Your children have been working hard with our many learning activities. These now need to be glued into their portfolios. Please let me know if you can do this and I will book the kitchen and bring in coffee/tea - your choice- to get them started. In term 2 we have Student Led Conferences and these books are usually one of their favourite items to share! You do not have to be creative, just willing to offer some time to glue! It is a fun way to visit with parents too! Please email me some times/days. Thanks!

REMINDER- No School Friday

Have a wonderful weekend,