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Friday, October 26 Weekly Update

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Friday, October 26 Weekly Update
by Jeni-Lynn Blackie - Friday, 26 October 2018, 6:34 PM

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your understanding and patience while I was away sick this past week.

( I hope to have the parent/teacher conferences rescheduled). It was great to come back Friday to see the children. I only regret that I will not be able to attend the dance – which I usually love!!! So, if you had the chance to go, I hope you had lots of fun and I look forward to hearing about it on Monday!

Monday, October 29 – Walking Field trip to Sluggett Farms with Mrs. Westwood’s class. It can be very muddy so I suggest if your child is not going home right away to bring extra clothes and shoes.( ie. OtterBe) Please make sure your child is in boots. We leave after lunch and return close to 2:30 – depends on the children walking. We go rain or shine- it is a fun MUD adventure!!!  A big thank you to all the volunteers coming with us, we really appreciate it!

Wednesday, October 31st is Halloween.  The school has a Halloween Parade in the afternoon which gives your child a chance to see all the children's is lots of fun! In Kindergarten the children are allowed to wear costumes.  Please note that at recess playing on the playground can be "hard" on the costumes, even tear them if they are fragile.  If you are worried about this for the Halloween Trick or Treating, please have your child wear an older costume, or orange and black. Please leave accessories at home so they won't get lost or forgotten at school. (Our school policy is no weapons or scary masks).

After Halloween (Thursday) – Please send 2 boxes of small Smarties. We graph and count the colours and then they get to eat them!

Thursday, November 1 – Sugar Rush Run - Whole school run

Sharing:  The kids did well sharing their favourite colours and we made a “rainbow” on our light table. This week our sharing is oral (no props)…they can share about their Halloween costume, trick-or-treating, what candies they hope they will get/got, or if they did anything on the weekend to celebrate Halloween – ie. carve pumpkins. 

(Your child shares every week on their given day).

Letters/Sounds: Ll, Ff, Bb   Sight Word: it

Have a great weekend!