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Weekly Update-October 5, 2018

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Weekly Update-October 5, 2018
by Jeni-Lynn Blackie - Friday, 5 October 2018, 5:01 PM

Hello everyone,

I hope your "Turkey"children made it home safely with their Thanksgiving lanterns.  They sure enjoyed making both activities - there was lots of gobbling going on when the headbands were finished..ha ha. We talked about what we are thankful for and many said spending time with their families over the holidays. Some children said they even got 2 dinners with grandparents - lucky!

We had a busy week with apples,thanks for sending them in. We had a special apple taste testing where we used our sense of taste and sight as we chose which apple had more votes. It was red first, then green and finally yellow!  We looked at this information in a graph to quickly see who "won" -the kids chanted.

We also used a special apple peeler, which was hard work - chat with your child about how it got harder as the apple was getting peeled and cored at the same time. We make a wonderful apple sauce which all the children sampled - using their taste sense.

If you didn't get a chance to sign up for the Playdate list - please come and see me before the bell or after the bell to sign up. It is great to see the children making connections and playing/learning with one another in class. I will send a hard copy of the playdate list next Thursday. 

Please review the Literacy Folder a few times with your child. They loved looking at them when they had them at school. Please return on Tuesday due to the holiday. Library books too. Thanks.

Letter Sounds/Names-  Hh, Rr     Sight Words:  see - colour words

Sharing - Free Choice - your child can bring in any one item to share with the class. Children on Monday's day will be on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. 

Calendar Reminders:

Fun Lunch- October 17

Popcorn Day-  Oct. 22

Family Halloween Dance - Oct. 26 5:30 - 7:00

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble!

Mrs. Blackie