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Thursday, June 14 Weekly Update

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Thursday, June 14 Weekly Update
by Jeni-Lynn Blackie - Thursday, 14 June 2018, 10:19 PM

Hello everyone,

An early update as I head up island with my daughter for a ball tournament tomorrow!

Happy Father's Day Dads - your child has worked hard to create a unique, fragile gift for you - hope it arrives to you safely and you enjoy the day!

We had the Greater Victoria Library visit us this week to encourage families to participate in their free programs throughout the summer as well as sign up for the Summer Reading program - more info will be sent home tomorrow.  

Sharing - This week, it sounds like many families will be going camping this summer, going to the beach, going for hikes and going swimming at the pool! Great adventures to come! Next weeks sharing is your child's favourite summer snack/treat and why they like it. I will discus this with them tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is our last Parent Math day as next Friday morning is Fun Day.  Just a reminder that on Fun Day your child can choose to go to any activity they want with friends and/or family.  There will be a map  to review what is available. They will meet back in the classroom (unless you have an older child at the school) to pick up their lunch to eat outside with family/friends.  There is a concession available if you want your child to buy some treats. 

Thank you to those parents who have offered to make cupcakes for the cupcake walk. Please drop them off to the classroom on Thursday am. Thanks again!

Tomorrow afternoon we will be going with Mrs. Leite's class for a craft afternoon where your child will travel through different craft stations to create their own special treasures.  Should be a crafty adventure!

Calendar Reminders:

  • June 19 - Cultural Day Celebrations
  • June 20 - 10 am Service Assembly
  • June 22 - Fun Day
  • June 26 - 10am Farewell Assembly for Grade 5s and departing staff
  • June 26 - afternoon (likely 2:00 pm) KINDERGRAD-multipurpose roome
  • June 28 - Parent Appreciation Pancake Breakfast/Last day of school for kids

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Blackie