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Friday, December 1st

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Friday, December 1st
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 1 December 2017, 5:32 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • Please help to support Brentwood families!  In the past, Brentwood has gathered donations for food hampers for Brentwood families who could use a little help over the holidays.  This year, we've decided to encourage students to bring in a cash donation ($2) instead.  Bring in a donation and help others while decorating our School Tree!  If you or a Brentwood family you know is one of those families needing a little help, please let me, Mrs. Sam, or Mrs. Hardcastle know.

  • Don’t forget to help our  CRAM THE CRUISER Project - unwrapped toy donations are being accepted now and students will cram the cruiser on Dec. 19th - all toys to stay in the community! 
  • We are still collecting empty paper towel rolls and empty gift wrap rolls.  And don't forget  those single socks (preferably white with coloured tops) .  Thanks!
  • I've noticed that some of you have not had a look at your child's Freshgrade portfolio yet.  Please let me know if you're having trouble with it.  It is meant to be a tool for two-way communication between us so do comment now and again. The kids excel with positive feedback from parents so take some time to sit with your child and go through it together. You can help them make comments too!
  • Scholastic order flyers went home today.  If you would like to place a secret order for Christmas, let me know and I'll contact you when it arrives rather than passing along to your child.  smile
  • Report cards are coming home next week.  There should be no surprises for you but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Sharing for next week: Monday – Casey, Tuesday - Charlie, Wednesday – Elaina, Thursday – Emma, and Friday - Hattie.  Please help your child find something that is not a toy for this round.

Have a great weekend!