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Friday, February 3rd Update

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Friday, February 3rd Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 3 February 2017, 4:07 PM

Here's a few bits for the week...

February Homework Calendar went home this week.  Completing it is optional but I think you'll find the tasks do not take much time at all.

We are collecting egg cartons and toilet roll tubes.  Please send 'em if ya got 'em (as soon as possible).

Valentine's Day is coming.  If your child wishes to bring valentines to classmates, please bring one for everyone.  Click here for a list of students' names.  Treats are welcome but please remember, we do have one student with an allergy to nuts and garlic.

100s Day is February 16th!  We are asking each child to bring exactly 100 small items to school in a bag.  We will be counting and sorting and doing all things 100!  In the past, we have seen 100 Cheerios, 100 pennies, 100 dry macaroni noodles, 100 marbles, 100 Skittles, 100 small pictures printed off the get the idea.

Pink Shirt Day is February 22nd.  We talk about being a good friend every day at Brentwood but it is fun to see everyone wearing some pink this day.  Don't worry about it if your child doesn't have anything pink.  We do not expect you to buy something for the one day.  smile  

Sharing next week is Monday – Cole, Tuesday – Daphne, Wednesday – Ella, Thursday – Elizabeth, and Friday – Hunter.

Have a great weekend!