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Friday, November 20th Update

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Friday, November 20th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 20 November 2015, 3:15 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • This week, we are beginning our NUTS About Homework Program. Students who bring completed and signed Spelling Homework back to school on Thursdays get to attach a “nut” to their squirrels. In addition, we've started collecting “nuts” for home reading. Your child has been supplied with a sheet of 5 bookmarks. Each day your child completes 15-20 minutes reading to an adult or older child, you can initial a nut on the bookmark (maximum 1 per day). When your child has 5 nuts initialled, he/she can bring the bookmark in to trade for a “nut” for his/her squirrel.

  • Our class has elected to have a Pyjama Day next Friday, November 27th along with our buddy class, Mrs. Scott's Grade 4s. Students are welcome to wear their PJs and bring a stuffed friend to join us for the day. Please note that they will still be going outside for recess so make certain your child brings appropriate outdoor clothes.

  • Spelling this week.

    PINK – sock, rock, lock, block, clock, sack, tack, back, pack, rack, snack, black, quack, chick, lick, kick, pick, quick, tick, sick, duck, luck, tuck, stuck, truck.

    YELLOW - (-ck) kick, lock, lick, pack, sick, truck, sock, duck, (-ke) take, like, spoke, snake, smoke, strike, duke, bike, (-ik) took, book, cook, shook, look

    GREEN – (double) hopped, nodded, planned, stirred, grabbed, stepped, dropped, (e-drop) hoped, closed, named, scored, lived, saved, (nothing) joined, acted, waited, started, chewed, wanted, mixed, helped, shouted, seemed, (oddball) passed

Have a great weekend!