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Friday, December 10th Update

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Friday, December 10th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 10 December 2021, 4:35 PM

A few bits for the week…

  • Be sure to check your child’s FreshGrade this weekend. Term summary posts went up this week. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email or call. As always, you are also welcome to post a comment on FreshGrade itself.

  • Next Wednesday, December 15th, we will be decorating Christmas Cone Trees with Royal Icing and treats. At long last, here is an opportunity to come volunteer in the classroom. I will need several adults to help set up at 1:20 and then stay to make things run smoothly. If you are able to volunteer, please sign in at the office before coming to the classroom. We are asking everyone to bring a small bag of treats and a bag of Royal Icing for decorating. Unfortunately, sharing sweets will be discouraged at this time. If you need a recipe, here's the one I have. Alternatively, ready-made icing is usually available for purchase at Thrifty's.

  • Popcorn day is this coming Monday. If you chose not to order popcorn for your child, please talk to them in the morning ahead of time so they are not upset when they do not receive a bag..

  • Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the PAC Toonie Drive for the Food Bank and Toys for Cram the Cruiser. We will continue to accept donations up to the 15th.

  • The class has decided to have a Pajama Day and/or festive hat/hair day next Friday, December 17th. 

  • Sharing next week is Jacob on Monday, Jaxon on Tuesday, Lily on Wednesday, River on Thursday, and Tyler on Friday. 

  • We have a collection of abandoned items here. Please let me know if anything looks like it belongs to your little human.left behind clothing

Have a good weekend!