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Friday, October 2nd Update

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Friday, October 2nd Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 2 October 2020, 6:14 PM

A few bits for the week...

  • For Meet the Teacher, I've decided to hold an MS Teams video meeting this coming Thursday at 6:00-6:30. Here is the link. It will be super informal. I have nothing planned. It's just an opportunity to look around the room and ask any general questions. It is not a time to talk about your child specifically as those conversations should be private. When you open the link, it will ask if you want to use an app or your browser; either works fine. With the app you have to create an account, with the browser you don't. If anyone wants to test their ability to connect beforehand, you should be able to do that, I just won't be on the other end. If you can't connect, I'm happy to help out, just shoot me an email before Thursday.
  • I am sending you the link to our Bitmoji Classroom (google slide). We use this page each day to anchor our morning work. It has a number of click-able links to things we use and I change some of them each day. I invite you to explore the slide; look for the asterisks * for linked text and there are a few click-able images too (book on the chair, microscope, ABC blocks). With the growing number of students having to stay home from school, I thought they might want to stay connected to us through something familiar to them. Using any of it is completely optional.
  • October 9th, the children will have their first Teacher-On-Call; Mr. Spencer was a class favourite last year and will spend a fun day with the class. This is also the day the children will take their school bus safety course with a district driver. They will watch a cute little video, have a little chat, and go for a short little tour around the block on the school bus.
  • Students brought home an Eagle shirt opt-out form today. It is a bit hard to read. Basically, all students at Brentwood get an Eagle shirt funded generously by PAC fundraising efforts. The form is asking if you want to opt out of getting a new shirt because your child has an older sibling who can provide a hand-me-down shirt.
  • I'll be sending home FreshGrade instructions next week.
  • Scholastic Books offers online ordering now. If you a re interested in ordering, here is our Class Code: RC173948.
  • Sharing next week will be Ewan on Monday, Jacob on Tuesday, Jordanna on Wednesday, Jorie on Thursday, and Leif on Friday. If your child misses their day, they can bring their sharing on their first day back!

Have a great weekend!