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Monday, March 30 Update

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Monday, March 30 Update
by Tracey Westwood - Monday, 30 March 2020, 1:57 PM

Hey everyone,

I'd like to say welcome back to school but we're not quite there yet. I hope everyone is well. The district is not kidding when they say they have been working hard to make this new reality work and the official information is starting to trickle down to teachers.  Meanwhile, we have been gathering ideas on how to make Kindergarten work in a distance learning environment.  I will be going into school tomorrow morning to get what I need to get the ball rolling and many virtual meetings are happening to help get set up. In the meantime, I hope everyone can be patient and stay well. I will be in touch again soon. 

Here is a little video I hope you can share with your child.  It is me and clearly, I'm not all that comfortable recording myself on video but this is what's happening.

And now a message from Mme Scott:

Hi kids!
Welcome back to school! I hope you have all had a restful spring break and are following the Brentwood Beliefs at home: Take care of yourself, Take care of others, and Take care of this place. For now, this place is your home and your home is a great place to learn. This week, I am exploring ways to bring French classes to you in your home. Many of you have sisters and brothers at Brentwood Elementary learning with me also. You can share your French learning from this year so far with your siblings and other family members. I miss you all and am looking forward to connecting with you soon about the next steps in your French learning. Remember, learning any new language is a skill that will help you communicate with others in the world about topics that interest you. Take care of each other.
Mme Scott

And Mrs.Robinson:

Welcome back from our school break. A new journey is about to begin. I can not wait to share new ways to learn and explore music with you! You'll do great! Music is everywhere! Mrs. Robinson.