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Grade 5 Transition Information

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Grade 5 Transition Information
by Linda Tweedhope - Thursday, 26 April 2012, 1:23 PM
April 26, 2012

To The Parents/Guardians of Brentwood's Grade 5 Students:

The following transition program is in place to ensure the best possible placement for grade five students moving from Brentwood Elementary to grade six at Bayside Middle School next year:

Month of April: Grade Five teachers completed a transition profile for each child which includes information about which students work well together and which students should be placed in different classes. It also contains an academic and behavioral profile of each child.

April 27 Bayside Principal Visit: Ms. Elm and several former students will visit Brentwood School and meet with the grade five students to share information and answer questions regarding their transition to Bayside.

May 1 Student Visit to Bayside: Our grade five students will walk to Bayside to spend a portion of the day meeting the staff, touring the school and partaking in a light lunch provided by Bayside. Students will be leaving Brentwood School at 9:30 and returning at 12:00. Please complete and return the attached permission form for this field trip.

May 15 Building Grade Six Classes: Brentwood staff will travel to Bayside and work with the middle school staff to create the grade six classes for 2012/2013.

May 16 Information Meeting: There will be an information meeting at Bayside School for the parents of grade five students who will be entering Bayside in the fall of 2012. It will take place in the MPR from 7:00pm until 8:00pm.

As one can see from the information described above, a great deal of time and care is taken in preparing our grade fives for the transition to Bayside and in the creation of the grade six classes. However, if a parent has additional information they wish to share regarding their child, as with other grades they may complete a form, available at the Brentwood School office, and return it to the office before May 15.

Thank you for your continued support.