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Fun Day Tomorrow!

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Fun Day Tomorrow!
by Tracey Westwood - Tuesday, 25 June 2019, 4:14 PM

Oops...I should've posted this a while ago...

Fun Day is tomorrow!  

  • If you're new to Brentwood, it is a morning of fun activities for the whole school.  Students will start in their classrooms for attendance and then move the gym assembly.  Staff will have stations set up all over the school property and the kids will have the freedom to dash around to their favourites along with their friends.  Families are invited to watch the fun and/or join their child(ren) for lunch outside picnic-style. Optional Fun Day Lunch Order forms went home a while ago.  If you ordered, lunches will be delivered to your eldest child's classroom.  You should talk to your child about where to meet for lunch, whether that be with you, a sibling, or a friend.  I will be in the gym hosting Fireball.
  • In the afternoon the Kindergartens and Grade Ones will gather in the Multipurpose Room for a movie.  No word on what the film will be but it will be rated G. There is also a grade 5 vs staff water balloon fight planned for the afternoon that the rest of the school watches and cheers on.