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Saturday, March 17 Weekly Update

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Saturday, March 17 Weekly Update
by Jeni-Lynn Blackie - Saturday, 17 March 2018, 10:58 AM

Hello everyone,

We are welcoming Sofia back into our class after Spring Break and the children cheered when I told them! 

New Class Rule - I have discussed this with the children that we are no longer allowing home toys to come to school. They have become a distraction. The children have their Kindergarten Pals to keep them company and many school toys to play with. Thanks for your support with this.

This last week we did an author study - Laura Numeroff  and the children thoroughly enjoyed the stories! If you give a Pig a Pancake is one of the ones we read. There are many more stories if you want to visit your local library to share with your child, I'd bet they'd like it! 

Literacy folder - I have included a reading game that you can play with your child if you like. The rules are on the back, but of course make it easy for you. If your child can say the first letter of the word, and or sound that is great too if they are unable to read the word. I sent this as a fun activity as the children do like playing games. Your choice to play it or not. Plus, I included some new sheets for your child to review.

Letterland Megamix to review letter sounds:

Emergent Readers- we have been practising these readers and I sent them home incase your child would like to reread them with you over the holidays. Please keep them at home as we will be starting new ones after Spring Break.

I am updating the Fresh Grade accounts. Please know that I may do it in the early morning or late evening so I know it may make a "binging" sound. I apologize for this and hope to be done this weekend. I have enjoyed looking through the photos and I hope you do too!

Star Student - we have  several birthdays this month and next, so I wanted to remind you that the order of the Star Student will continue after we celebrate the birthdays. If your child is late in the morning on their Star Student day, chances are that the next child in line will take that day and your child will be the following. 

Star Students after Spring Bread- Tues April 3 Tyce (celebrating a b-day), Wed Aviv, Thurs Elena, Fri - Phoenix - celebrating his birthday

Sharing-  Please have your child draw a picture of something they did over their Spring Break to share with the class and bring it on their sharing day. We will make a class book and glue the picture onto the page for the class to read. Thanks for your support with this.

Calendar Reminders:

Online ordering for the PAC fun lunch on April 18 is now open.

Please see the link below

Friday, April 20th - No School - NID

Brentwood's  Dance Extravaganza   May 15th 12:30, May 16th  9:00 our class perform one dance to the Jackson 5 song - ABC

The costume that Ms. Eng requested: one coloured shirt and black pants (*** Please try to avoid any clothes with words/ logos. *** Don’t have a plain coloured shirt? Turn one inside out.)

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Jeni-Lynn Blackie