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Friday, January 13th Update

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Friday, January 13th Update
by Tracey Westwood - Friday, 13 January 2017, 6:15 PM

Here's a few bits for the week...

  • Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to drive on Monday's Skating trip.  We didn't quite get enough drivers so Mrs. Hardcastle has kindly offered to drive some students.  Please undergo your Criminal Record Check as soon as possible so we can be ready for our next adventure.  As it sits, we are green-lighted for Monday.  Drivers, please arrive shortly before 12:30.  Please remember to have children dress appropriately with a helmet and gloves/mittens.  Children who are not riding with their parent must bring a car seat to class labelled with a name.  All students are required to use a car seat.  None is permitted to use the front seat of a vehicle.
  • We've had some illness in the classroom this week. Today, we started with 11 and ended up with only 9 in attendance!  Our custodial staff has given our room an extra thorough disinfecting.  I will be reminding the children to wash their hands often and to keep their hands away from their faces.  I hope everyone is feeling better soon!
  • Our class received a head lice notice today.  I did a quick check of all the children that were at school today, as I do randomly from time to time.  If I find anything, I will always let the family know privately.  If your child has head lice, please treat your child immediately and let the school know.  We talk about head lice as being pesky but not harmful and not the result of having dirty hair or home.
  • The PAC's Fun Lunch is next Wednesday!
  • Sharing next week is Monday – Karson, Tuesday – Kya, Wednesday – Liam, Thursday – Natalie, and Friday – Olin.

Have a great weekend!