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New Opportunity for Brentwood Students

New Opportunity for Brentwood Students
by Shelley Hardcastle - Monday, 4 January 2016, 2:31 PM

Starting next Tuesday morning, Brentwood Students are invited to join our new staff member,  Mrs. Bagshaw, in the Gym from 8 am to 8:35 am for an “Active Start to the Day”.

Research has shown that for some students, starting their day with some vigorous exercise can help them in their abilities to regulate themselves throughout the day especially during academic periods.

As this is a new initiative, we may need to adjust the structure of it as we progress.  To begin with, we are inviting any interested students to come into the Gym via the OUTSIDE GYM DOORS (by the stairs) at 8 am.  Bring any packs etc with you.  Around 8:30 students will help clean up and be able to join their regular line ups when the 8:35 bell rings. 

  If we seem to have too many students at one time, then we may need to adjust how we organize this time.  We look forward to seeing interested students!