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A Generous Donation

A Generous Donation
by Shelley Hardcastle - Wednesday, 25 November 2015, 12:50 PM

Yesterday, members of the Saanich Fruit Growers' Association (Vern Michell, Harold McCarthy, Phil Holloway and Tom Scott) presented a cheque to Brentwood Elementary School for $30,000. What an amazing donation! The association began almost 100 years ago and was a co-operative association of large and small farms. The farmers shipped strawberries and loganberries for fresh market sales and wine making. In the past, the farms belonging to the Fruit Growers' Association provided family and community employment at the central processing location, "the fruit shed" on Keating Cross Road in Saanichton  It also provided seasonal work during harvest season until the late 1970's for many of the local residence. Many of the members of the Association either attended Saanich Schools or have grandchildren, cousins, or other family members currently enrolled in Saanich.  The remaining association members wanted to donate these funds within the community to acknowledge the important role that the association played on the Peninsula.  The Fruit Growers are clearly part of strong Central Saanich "roots" in caring and sharing, and I extend a very warm thank you to them for the their kind and extremely generous donation.

Joining us in great thanks for these funds are Bayside Middle school and Keating Elementary  school who have also  received the same generous donation. Over the next couple of weeks, all three schools will be working together to come up with a plan to thank the Saanich Fruit Growers' Association. We will be certain to share this plan with our community when we have a date, time and place.

This information has been shared at the Brentwood PAC Meeting last evening and with the school staff. I very much look forward to consulting with the Brentwood School Parent's Advisory Council along with the School Budget Committee on how to best spend these funds, in order to enhance our school community