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Concerts on Monday and Tuesday Evening - 6:30 Start

Concerts on Monday and Tuesday Evening - 6:30 Start
by Shelley Hardcastle - Wednesday, 15 April 2015, 3:14 PM

We are so excited about our two performances next week- we hope you are planning on attending.

Each nights features class presentations with a whole school performance to conclude the concert!

Plus there will be a couple fun surprises throughout the evening.  

Monday Night Performance Features: Ms. Jagt, Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Barnes & Miss Archer, Mrs. Ogden & Mrs. Ellison, Mrs. Coles, Mrs.   

                                                                 Marchand, Mrs. Westwood, Ms. Sinclair-Wise

Tuesday Night Performance Features: Mrs. Hrynyk-Foreman & Miss Lampard, Ms. Backhaus, Mrs. MacGregor,Ms. Scott,Miss Norris,

                                                                Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Blackie

6:30 pm start! Students to wear their B-Kind T-Shirt and dark bottoms!

Rock guitar