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Partial Teacher Lockout Starting May 26

Partial Teacher Lockout Starting May 26
by Shelley Hardcastle - Saturday, 24 May 2014, 9:48 AM
A message from Nancy Macdonald -Superintendent of Schools- SD 63 - Saanich
As parents are aware, teachers are staging a one day strike on Tuesday May 27.  As a result of this action, the BC Public Schools Employers' Association has implemented a partial lockout of teachers starting Monday May 26 that will have some effect on schools in the upcoming days.  The lockout does not affect the instructional day and extra-curricular activities may occur as usual.  However,  teachers are being directed to arrive at school no earlier than 45 minutes before school and to leave 45 minutes after school, with the exception of those participating in voluntary extra curricular activities.  Teachers are also locked out of performing a number of other duties, mainly administrative in nature.  They will not be attending meetings such as those organized for professional development and class placement for September.  Teachers will not be engaged in providing support to students during the lunch hour.  Teachers will continue to assess student work and report on student progress.
It is possible you will see lockout picket lines before and after school, and possibly at lunch.
We apologize for this disruption and will do our best to support the regular programs for students at this difficult time.