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What is Identity Week at Brentwood School?

What is Identity Week at Brentwood School?
by Shelley Hardcastle - Saturday, 7 September 2013, 12:30 PM

What is Identity Week? 

- Students and Staff complete a project that is meaningful to them. Your Project can be on almost anything (a passion, your family, an interest, a strength your culture) Your project can be done in anyway you want - a poster, slide show, pictures, with models - just include some sort of "why" you chose the project you did  Families are encouraged to help!  Every child will have the opportunity to share!

Please go to:  to check out images and videos from other schools who have also done Identity projects.  In addition to this, please check out some of our Staff Identity projects in the front lobby. More information will be arriving from your child's teacher about when your child should be bringing their completed project.  Start planning now.....