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Upcoming Track Meet information for June 9, 2022

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Upcoming Track Meet information for June 9, 2022
by Helena Takhar - Monday, 6 June 2022, 4:37 PM

Dear Brentwood Eagle Families, 

On Thursday, June 9, we will be participating in the SD63 Elementary School Track Meet at Centennial Stadium at UVIC. 

Students will be participating in two of the following events: 100m, 200m, 400m, or 800m (only for grade 4/5 students). Additionally, all students will be on a relay team. 

Students are responsible for their own rides to and from UVIC. 

The team works hard to keep the meet on schedule, but every year is different depending on the number of participants we have. Please understand all race start times, except for the 800m, are approximate. Students will need to be at UVIC by 9:20AM. 800m runners will need to be there closer to 9:00AM because their race starts at 9:30AM. 

Students do not need to come to Brentwood before going to UVIC as we will take attendance at the meet. We suggest giving yourself additional time to find a parking space. 

Upon arrival, students will need to sign in with a Brentwood teacher in the grandstands behind the Brentwood sign. Typically, the meet ends between 2 and 3PM. Please be back at UVIC to pick up your child by 2:45PM at the latest or make other arrangements. Students must sign out with a Brentwood teacher before they leave the track. 

In addition, it is important that students not leave prior to completing their relay race as their team is counting on them. If you know ahead of time your child will be leaving early please let your child’s teacher know in the days prior to the meet. 

While at the track meet, students are expected to stay in the grandstands, not on the grassy areas. A teacher will walk them down to the track when it is time for their event. We will also need parent volunteers willing to be in the stands with us. If you are able to help please complete the back of the permission form. We really appreciate your help. 

What to bring: 

- proper running shoes 

- lunch & snacks 

- water bottle (there is a refill station at UVIC) 

- sunscreen and a hat 

- warm clothes (it is often cold at UVIC even on a sunny day) 

- absolutely NO electronics or valuables please 

If you have any questions about the meet, please contact your child’s classroom teacher, Heather Christie or Marketa MacGregor 

Sincerely, The grade 3/4/5 teachers